Inspirational stories for students and short motivational stories for students in English. When we start a task, we do so with great enthusiasm at first. But over time we get lazy with this task and don’t do our job and waste our time. That’s why we need inspiration and motivation from time to time. Students do the same thing too, so we need to boost their morale by telling them inspirational and motivational stories from time to time to help them get closer to their goals. We should tell them an inspiring or motivational story when they lose their morale because of their studies or sports or when they lose their morale. Hearing such stories boosts their morale in them. With that in mind, here are some inspirational and motivational stories for students that you can tell your children and boost their morale.

Short motivational stories for students
Short motivational stories for students

Short motivational stories #1

Value and self-worth

At a student workshop, a motivational speaker begins his speech by displaying a twenty-dollar bill. He asks, “Who wants that $20 bill?”

When the speaker sees everyone raise their hands, he presses the note. And he asks again: “Who else wants it?”

Everyone in the room raises their hand again. Finally, the speaker throws the twenty-dollar bill on the floor and stomps on it with his shoes. He picks it up and asks again if anyone wants it now.

All his hands go up.

In conclusion, he says that whatever you do with the note, it is still desirable because its value does not decrease.

Moral of the story

No matter how difficult life’s circumstances are, we must never lose confidence in ourselves. Our courage should never be compromised by the difficulties of life. SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORIES FOR STUDENTS

Life can get difficult at times, and it takes the right motivation to find a way out. Since childhood is the time when parents or guardians prepare children for the real world, reading these types of motivational stories could be beneficial. These inspiring children’s stories aim to develop trust, kindness, and other righteous qualities in children. So make these stories a part of their bedtime and inspire them to be kind and responsible people.

Short motivational stories #2

Three friends and a fisherman

Many fish live in a large pond. Of all these Pisces, three are best friends who are always together. They never separate from each other.

One day a fisherman comes to this pond. Seeing much fish, he invites other fishermen to drop their nets. The three fish are afraid of being caught and killed by the fishermen.

The wise fish among them says, “We must find another pond and get out of here quickly.” While one fish agrees, the other hesitates, feeling that this pond is his home. He says: “We must not act cowardly, this pond is our home.”

The other two fish try so hard to convince their friend but fail. So they decide to split up and go in search of a new pond. The next day when the fishermen arrive, the fish that did not want to leave is caught and dies.

Moral of the story:

Always look at the big picture and let go of temporary attachments in times of crisis.

Short motivational stories #3


One day, a man’s favorite donkey falls off a high cliff. He tries to get the donkey out, but all his efforts are in vain. Discouraged, the man decides to bury the poor donkey.

He begins to pour dirt and sand from above. The stuck donkey feels the weight of the earth and shakes it off his body. The man returns to water the soil. Again the donkey shakes him off. The man notices that the donkey shakes the earth and soaks the soil bed, which serves as a kind of elevation. He notices that the donkey is slowly approaching the top. With each load of earth dumped, the donkey climbs higher.

After few hours, the man continues to shovel dirt until the donkey meets him again.

Moral of the story:

Face your adversity with courage, because no problem is big enough to stop you from climbing.

Short motivational stories #4

A butterfly’s struggle

One day a man finds a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. He sits and watches as the butterfly struggles to get out of the tiny opening. After a while he decides to help the butterfly when he sees it doesn’t move.

Using scissors, the man cuts the cocoon and opens it completely. The butterfly comes out easily, but has a swollen body and undeveloped wings. The man waits patiently for his wings to grow and tries in vain to nurse the butterfly.

The butterfly spends the rest of its short life, struggling to flying and crawling around. The man tried to do a good deed, not realizing that some struggles in life are important. Nature designed the body of the butterfly to struggle before it can fly easily later.

Moral of the story:

The struggles and difficulties of life shape our personality. They make us brave and independent.

Short motivational stories #5

Dove and the bee

On the bank of a river there is a tree in which a swarm of bees installed their hive. They are busy humming flowers and collecting honey all day. One fine day, a bee feels thirsty and goes to the river to drink water. When the bee tries to drink, she is swept away by a surge of current. The bee begins to drown.

Fortunately, a beautiful pigeon, which she has been watching from afar, runs to the aid of the poor bee. She tears off a large leaf from a tree and flies to the bee. The dove puts the leaf next to the bee. The bee climbs onto the leaf and dries its wings. Finally, the bee finds the strength to fly to safety.

A few weeks later, the pigeon finds itself in a dangerous situation. As he sits on a tree branch, an archer takes aim at him. The dove looks for a way out, but sees a large hawk hovering around it.

Then her good deed comes back to her. The bee comes to her aid by stinging the archer hard. Till then the archer releases the arrow, which misses the dove and hits the hawk. The dove flies to safety.

Moral of the story:


Short motivational stories #6

Hard work is the key to success

In a remote village lives a hardworking farmer who has vineyards. Year after year, his cellar brings bountiful harvests and the farmer becomes very successful. He has three sons who are young and energetic but never bother to work. As the farmer ages, he worries about the future of his children.

He then becomes seriously ill and realizes that his death is fast approaching. He calls the children and tells them:

“Dear children, I see that my death is approaching, but before I say goodbye to all of you, I want to share a secret with you. The treasure is hidden under the fields. After he dies, he digs up the whole field to find it.”

The old farmer dies and his children perform the last rites. The sons, without leaving any part of the field, begin to dig for the treasure, but find nothing. However, his digging of the field results in a healthy harvest and large income. This income makes it clear to the children what their father meant.

Moral of the story:

Hard work always brings rewards. The fruits of hard work are always sweet, whether those are in the form of what you want or not. SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORIES FOR STUDENTS

Short motivational stories #7

The valuable gift

A little boy named John longs to have his own bike and to be able to ride it anywhere. But his father doesn’t earn enough to buy him a bicycle.

One day, on his way to school, John sees a boy riding a sturdy bike. When turning, the motorcycle skids and the boy is seriously injured. John rushes to the rescue, taking him to a doctor for first aid. He later helps the boy to get home.

The boy belongs to a wealthy family and his parents see how John helps his son. As a reward for his kindness, John is given a new bike.

Moral of the story:

Be kind and always help others in need and it will come back to you.

Short motivational stories for students with moral
short motivational stories for students

Short motivational stories #8

Potato, egg and coffee beans

A boy named John lives with his parents in a beautiful house. One day his father finds him crying and asks if something is wrong. John sheepishly says, “I have so many problems in life” and talks about the “problems” of him.

John’s father listens patiently. He then brings a bowl and puts a potato, an egg and some coffee beans in it. He asks John to touch and feel the ingredients in the bowl and say what he thinks. John describes how each of them makes him feel when he touches them.

The father smiles and asks John to put them in three different bowls and pour water on them. He then cooks all of them. After a few minutes, the father turns off the stove and puts all the bowls on the counter to cool.

When they have cooled down, John’s father asks him to touch them again and feel the egg, potato, and coffee beans. John has a different answer this time. And he says the potato skin is easier to peel because it has become very soft, the egg has hardened, and the beans give off a fresh coffee aroma.

His father listens to John, smiles and tells him how the potato, the egg and the coffee beans reacted to adverse situations. The potato has softened, the egg has become very strong, and the coffee beans have completely changed shape during their testing time in the boiling water.

Moral of the story:

Problems are part of life. How we respond to it makes us better individuals.

Short motivational stories #9

You are as brave as you think

A mahout uses elephants to put on circus shows. He has five elephants and he keeps them chained together with a single rope that is not too tight. Since the elephants are huge and strong, they could have broken the rope and escaped.

One day, a man visiting the circus asks the mahout why the elephants don’t try to escape if the rope isn’t strong enough to hold them. The man is surprised when he hears the answer: the mahout says that elephants have been conditioned from a young age to believe that they cannot break the rope and that they lack strength. And that’s why these elephants never tried to escape.

Moral of the story:

Our limitations and strengths are within ourselves, we can achieve anything if we believe we can achieve it.

Short motivational stories #10

Dream big

Lily is a shy and reserved girl. But she likes to play soccer. Her friends and classmates make fun of Lily for her interest in soccer. Despite this, she is determined to pursue her passion and become a successful soccer player.

Every day after coming home from school, Lily quickly does her homework and practices soccer. Her mother understands Lily’s love for the sport and supports her in every way.

When school competitions are announced at school, Lily decides to enter. She participates in the selection procedures and her classmates make fun of her again. But they are surprised when Lily does well and the judges choose her to represent the school. Lily’s dedication and hard work silences anyone who has made fun of her.

Moral of the story:

Determination, willpower, and focus can help you achieve even the hardest goals, despite the ridicule of others.

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Short motivational stories #11

A group of frogs

A colony of frogs wanders through a forest in search of a pond. While jumping, two frogs fall into a deep well. The other frogs gather around the pit and express concern about the situation. When the two frogs try to jump out of the deep well, the other frogs discourage them by saying how impossible it is to jump.

Ignoring the discouraging words of the others, the two frogs decide to jump out of the well. They try very hard and try their best to get out of the well while the frogs watching from above tell them to give up.

Eventually, one of them is influenced by the other frogs and dies giving up the struggle to get out of the well. The other frog keeps jumping as hard as she can.

After an immense struggle, she finally makes it out of the well alive. Other frogs are surprised and ask her how she managed to get up, even though they told her to give up. The frog explains that she is deaf and assumes that everyone is cheering her on.

Moral of the story:

People’s words have a significant impact on our lives. But what matters is how we absorb them and affect our lives.

Short motivational stories #12

Eagle and Hen

There was an eagle’s nest in a banyan tree. Her egg was laid in the nest. Under that tree was a nest of chickens. One day, suddenly, a strong wind began to blow. Due to the strong wind, the eagle egg laid in the nest above fell off and directly mixed with the chicken eggs. The hen took care of it as if it were her own egg. When the time came, the egg burst, from which a baby eagle hatched. But the hen began to confuse him with her own child.

The child grew according to the methods of the hen over time. The eagle boy thought it was a chicken. He flew as high as chickens and walked like them. One day he saw from above that the other birds soared into the heights of the sky. So he asked his mother, who is the bird that flies so high?

Her mother hen replied, “That’s the eagle.”

“Then why can’t we fly so high?” the eagle asked the chicken again.

Her mother replied: “Because we are chickens.”

Moral of the story:

We must be positive. We have to keep working and thinking high. I’m sure one day we’ll get it.

Short motivational stories #13

Two Villages

There was a pond between two different towns. Its water was very clean and sweet. Both towns were called Vijayanagar and Sangrampur. The townspeople used to come here sometimes to drink water because they also had their own pond in the town. Once in the summer, the ponds in these two towns dried up, but the pond in the middle of the town did not dry up. It was always full. In such a situation, the people of both villages began to draw water from this pond. Due to this, one day a dispute arose between the residents of both towns and now both wanted to claim their right to the lagoon.

The chiefs of both towns decided that they would decide after a war. In such a situation, the two heads went to a monk and asked which of them would win. Then the monk said that the people of Vijay Nagar would win. Hearing this, the people of Sangrampur became sad but still thought of fighting. The next day, the two had an argument. The people of Vijay Nagar did not fight properly because the monk said they would win. But the people of Sangrampur fought with all their might.

The people of Sangrampur won in the battle. All the people were surprised to see that the monk had said that the people of Vijay Nagar would win. But on the contrary, the people of Sangrampur won. So the people from both villages went to the monk and asked him why. Then the monk said, “I did not know which of you two would win. I was just saying that the people of Vijay Nagar will win. In the battle, the people of Vijay Nagar did not consider it necessary to fight properly. They fought the war comfortably, thinking that they would win, but that overconfidence left them drowning. So never have faith.”

Moral of the story:

This story tells us that we should be conceited. This story also tells us not to run away out of fear of defeat. If we know the truth, we must face the problem with determination.

Short motivational stories #14

Michael Phelps

This is the story of Michael Phelps, who is a swimmer. At a press conference in 2008, he told everyone that he would win eight gold medals at the next Olympics. When the people heard this, they made fun of him and insulted him. But he was encouraged by these things. He listened to people making fun of him to motivate himself and practiced swimming 12 hours a day.

One day, his hand was suddenly broken in a car accident. Then the doctor said that he could not participate in the next Olympic Games, but he did not give up and began to swim only with the help of his feet. Then what he said happened. He won the gold medal with a total of 8 gold medals in the next Olympic Games and showed people that he does what he says. This story is a very inspiring story for children. If you like this Michael Phelps story, don’t forget to share it. SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORIES FOR STUDENTS

Moral of the story:

Believe in yourself. Rise over your excuses and keep on working hard. One day, your doubters will be your fan.

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Short motivational stories #15

Share Love in Return

This story is about a boy who loved to ride a bike. He rode his bike with his friends all day, but the brake on his bike didn’t work properly. One day, while he was riding his bike, a car came up to him. When he saw the car, he got nervous and, having no brake, crashed into the car. Seeing this, the owner of the car got out and saw that his car had scratches.

The owner of that car did not yell at the boy, but instead bought him a new bike. The boy was very happy after receiving the new bike and he also started to shed tears of joy.

Moral of the story:

Treat people well. If we do well with others, good things will return to us. Teach children not to harm to others, rather be helpful. SHO

Short motivational stories #16

Fruit of patience

A sage lived in a monastery with two of his disciples.

One day, when the sage was breathing for the last time, he called his two disciples and said to them: “A few meters below where he sleeps there is a pitcher full of gold, so if I die, you both take the pitcher and live happily and wealthy.

Saying that, he died. After performing the sage’s last rites, they both began excavating the site at the same time. One of them kept digging for a long time, but he couldn’t find the jar, so he got upset and left the place.

When the other saw him go, the other asked him for patience, but he didn’t listen and walked away.

The other student thought why not try again, maybe he can get the jar. He started digging again, after a while he got the jar. He was very happy to see him. Now he was the only owner of the cup.

Moral of the story:

History teaches us that you will only reap the rewards of your hard work if you are patient.

Short motivational stories #17

Age doesn’t matter

There was a student who was fond of speaking English fluently. He was aiming for his high school diploma at the time. Every time he thought he was going to start studying tomorrow, he put it off. Many years passed.

He was now forty years old, but his interest in speaking fluent English did not wane. This time he decided that he would definitely learn to speak English fluently and started attending an English class the next day.

He faithfully attended the course for two years and practiced speaking at home as much as he could. He now he spoke English.

All of his friends and family were shocked when they saw this ability in him.

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story is that there is no age limit to learn anything, you just have to start from scratch.

Short motivational stories #18

James’s dream

James was very skilled at playing cricket. He had a dream that one day he would become a great cricketer. His parents saw his dedication and enrolled him in the Cricket Academy. He worked very hard for about five or six years.

He started playing so well that he was selected at the state level.

When he woke up in the morning the next day, he felt that half of his body was not working. When they took him to the hospital, it turned out that he was paralyzed.

He was very sad to hear this. It took him two years to get back in shape, but he didn’t let his dream die. He started working hard again. Previously, auditions were played at the state level. He attended and was selected. He beat a century in his first match, which made him famous throughout the country.

Moral of the story:

This story teaches us that sometimes circumstances leave us at a point where our hopes are shattered, but we must not do that, we must keep trying.

Short motivational stories #19

Power of education

In the past, only the wealthy participated in the Yamunanagar elections. Those who stood for election would do anything to win, whether it was distributing food or money.

The one who distributed a lot of money won the elections and then exploited the poor and illiterate.

In the same city lived a wise and educated man. He told all the townspeople the whole scenario. He explained, “Everyone lures you in with money before the election, and after you win, you take advantage and don’t even develop the city.”

That is why he expressed his desire to contest the elections in front of the citizens of the city, assuring them that if he won, he would develop the city.

Other candidates tried very hard to defeat him, but his will was very strong and luckily he won the elections. After winning the elections, he did a lot for the development of the city. Now the people of the city were very happy.

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story is that if we are educated and strong-willed, we can do anything. And, education is the gateway of development. short motivational stories for students

Short motivational stories #20

Respect your parents

There was a very diligent man. He was so ambitious that he wanted to start his own business, so he opened a small pizza shop in town.

Over time, his shop became famous throughout the city and people from all over came to his shop to eat pizzas. He was a little older now, so his son began to take care of the store.

Being very interested in gambling, his son began to squander the money that his father earned. His father explained a lot to him that he must invest money in the right place, otherwise he will go bankrupt one day.

He explained it to him many times, but instead of listening to him, he verbally abused him and sometimes became so hyperactive that he even hit him.

One day his father left town and came back to town after selling his store. When his son entered the store, it was occupied by other people. He realized that now he owns nothing.

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story is that we should always respect our parents because if you stop caring about them, you won’t get anywhere.

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